Janet Menefy, Astrologer

Janet MenefyJanet Menefy is a practising astrologer with over 30 years experience in New Zealand and Australia, backed by the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) Practitioner’s Diploma. She is a current member of the Association of Professional Astrologers (since January 2006) and runs monthly astrology classes as well as offering individual sessions in astrology and tarot. She is a co-creator of Astro Essences.

astro circleWhat is Circle Work?
Circle on the Floor is a contemporary method of working with the traditional Birth Chart which, in my experience, is a very apt reflection of the famous quote: "As it is Above, so it is below."

Laying out any Astrology Chart on the floor in a size that can be stepped into adds a dimension of direct experience to traditional perception and understanding, making the energies easier to recognise, for those people both inside and outside of the Circle. I currently offer Circle Work in individual sessions and Walk thru the Zodiac classes.
Janet Menefy

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